The following changes are in place to ensure we continue to operate in an environment which is safe for everyone associated with Southend Tennis Centre. These rules will be strictly enforced by Southend Tennis Centre management, coaches and staff. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • Social distancing of 1.5m must be maintained at all times
  • All court hire will need to be booked online
  • There will be no public access to the clubhouse
  • No cash payments under any circumstances. Lessons and drinks can be paid for at the clubhouse, but with card only
  • There is to be no sitting down or bystanders at the Centre; you are only permitted to enter your court, play, and leave immediately after your booking has finished
  • One parent may be in attendance for a lesson, but they will be unable to enter the court.
  • The toilets will be shut for public use
  • Gates, tennis posts, nets, and fences on all tennis courts must not be closed, or touched.
  • No racquet hire